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Memory Care Living: Safe Environments for Seniors with Dementia

It is never an easy decision to place a senior loved one in a facility that provides personal living care. It is hard on the loved one and hard on the family. It is even more difficult when the loved one is suffering from dementia. With the aging of the baby boomer generation, the cases of dementia in the U.S. is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. Dementia also presents unique challenges to personal caregivers. These challenges are best met through the services known as memory care.

What is Memory Care Living?

Assisted living facilities are equipped to provide care for seniors who need assistance performing all the basic activities of daily living like bathing, eating, and moving. Memory care facilities are capable of all of this as well as meeting the specific needs of individuals with memory problems. These services include 24-hour care and supervision, medical monitoring, and a safe, pleasant environment designed to minimize wandering. It is often more costly than assisted living care because it requires specialized care and nursing staff. For this reason, it is important to determine your senior loved one’s specific needs to know which option makes the most sense.

A Closer Look

Services common to both types of personal care meet the basic needs experienced by all aging individuals such as hygiene, dressing, and moving around.. Other services include 24-hour supervision, 3 meals a day, emergency services, and security. They also have access to exercise and social programs, transportation, and medical care. All housekeeping and laundry needs are also met. Some assisted living facilities also provide memory care services, but you can opt for separate facilities such as memory care cottages as well. The specialized additional services provided with memory care are designed to nurture and soothe those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory impairments. They include structured activities and uncluttered areas designed to be soothing and calming. Specialized nurses are trained to improve the safety and quality of living for individuals with dementia and other memory issues. This safe, pleasant environment is designed to preserve their dignity.

The Best Care for Your Senior Loved One

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