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Stress and Memory Loss

Stress and Memory LossIt is a natural phenomenon that after a certain age, many start suffering from the problem of memory loss. For some it happens at a low level, for others its intensity increases along with age. Many elderly people do not receive proper memory care for this problem which leads to further complications.

Presently a number of useful solutions have come up that might assist people in keeping their memory intact. However, in order to do that, it is important to have a proper notion regarding cause of memory loss and the catalyst that affect the memory.

Normal Memory Loss

Forgetfulness increases with age. There may be small details, such as, the title of a movie or a street name that you may not remember at certain time which is normal and of no need for concern.

Stress and Memory Loss

There are however, certain psychological changes that take place as we age that affects brain functions to a great extent, one of them begin chronic stress and anxiety which can increase memory loss in later years.


When a person is stressed, their body releases a hormone called cortisol. Scientist have found that elevated levels of cortisol in the brain actually shrink and destroy neural synapses responsible for short term memory. Neural synapses are the connections in our brain that allow us to process, record, and remember information.

The Good News

Neural synapses can be rebuilt through continuous practice of cognitive skills such as:

  1. Recall: testing your memory with every day things like a grocery list, phone numbers, and addresses.

  2. Learning to play a musical instrument.

  3. Doing Math in your head

  4. Learning a new language

  5. Eat-Thinking: trying to identify ingredients, spices, and herbs in you meal.

Here is a great resource for more easy and fun memory games.

There are times where memory loss can be of concern and testing for dementia can be necessary. Unlimited Care Cottages provides the highest quality of memory care for our residents. We love each and every resident and they are apart of our family. Contact us today for more information on our assisted living services and how your loved one can receive the care and love they deserve.