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5 Activities to Do With Elderly Loved Ones

Aging seniors should be physically, mentally, and socially active in order to maintain optimum health and to combat depression and other issues related to aging. Keeping your elderly loved one active is vital to their wellbeing. It is important to find activities that will help keep them active and excited about life. 

Activities to Do With Elderly

Whether your loved one lives in an assisted care facility or at home, it’s important to keep them active. Below are five ways you need to keep your elderly loved ones active and thriving.

1) Social Events

Keeping seniors social offers physical and mental benefits. Activities like birthday parties, musical events, senior dining, and holiday programs are wonderful ways to get your aging loved one involved in social activities. Hosting a movie night or attending church can also keep them active in the community.

2) Physical Activities

Physical activity is vital in keeping your aging loved one healthy and full of energy. Easy exercises like calisthenics, stretching, chair exercises, and gardening can be tailored to their physical ability. For chair bound or bedridden seniors, sensory stimulation can improve diminished cognitive skills. Look around your community for senior fitness classes and get them involved.

3) Get Creative with Crafts

Craft projects are a perfect way to provide our aging loved ones with a stimulating activity. Creativity can play an important part in improving the quality of their lives. Crafting provides entertainment for your aging loved one. By using their hands, seniors build dexterity and body control. When elderly loved ones work and complete craft-projects, they feel a sense of accomplishment, offering a boost in their mental state and a sense of purpose. Some easy ideas are easy sewing projects, finger painting, knitting or crochet, and making holiday crafts.

4) Memory Building

For proper mental function throughout the elder years, it is imperative to keep the brain active. Playing board games, BINGO or chess is fun and stimulating. Other ways to help boost the memory is working together on larger projects like compiling old family recipes into a cookbook, recording family history or writing an autobiography.

5) Get Out and About

Getting out of the same old everyday routine is beneficial for the mental and physical health of aging seniors. Outdoor activities afford the elderly fresh air, sunshine, and mental stimulation that keeps them alert and depression at bay. Going for a walk, visiting friends and family, or just going to a favorite restaurant gets them moving and socializing. Having a connection to the community around helps make them feel more in touch and less isolated.

Keeping Your Aging Senior Active

As your loved one’s age, it is crucial they continue to engage in social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation to prevent depression and loneliness and remain healthy and able-bodied. Family and caregivers need to remember that finding ways to keep their elderly loved ones active is one of the best things you can do to help them thrive. There are most likely many resources in your area to find a variety of activities to do with elderly loved ones!

To learn more about what activities can make a difference in the health, attitude, and quality of your aging loved one’s life, Contact Us.