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5 Heart-Healthy Habits for Seniors

Your heart keeps your blood flowing and your body supplied with everything it needs for optimal health and quality of life. That’s why it’s so important to keep a healthy heart.  It’s easy, though, to develop poor heart habits over a lifetime. Sometimes you just need to evaluate, refocus, and make new habits.

Keeping Your Heart in Shape: Heart-Healthy Habits for Seniors

Quality of life tends to trend in a downward direction as age increases, but the good news is you can always improve your habits and your health. A healthy life starts with daily choices. Get started with the following 5 crucial habits for a healthy heart:

1) Keep Moving

Movement keeps the blood flowing and physical activity reduces individual mortality. In other words, keep moving and you increase the chances of living longer. You’ll also live better. Benefits linked to movement and exercise include improved sleep and memory, stronger bones, fewer falls, lower risk of heart disease and complications, less pain, and a lower risk of depression. At least 30 min of aerobic exercise, 5 times a week is recommended.

2) Enjoy a Mediterranean diet

A Mediterranean diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy fats, and lean proteins. As you shop for groceries and purchase meals, also be mindful to limit intake of sodium, processed foods, and saturated fats. This delicious diet is one of the healthiest ways you can eat to improve your heart health and enjoy greater longevity.  

3) Get Screened Regularly

Catching a potential health problem as early as possible is always your best line of defense and the best chance for an optimal recovery. Be careful to get your annual physical exams so you and your doctor can detect problems early and manage existing conditions as well as possible. It’s important to monitor diabetes if you have it, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

4) Keep Vices in Check

Smoking limits oxygen in your bloodstream while constricting blood vessels in your heart. This elevates your risk for stroke, heart attack, cancer, and other respiratory problems. If you are a smoker, ask your doctor to help you quit smoking today for a healthier heart and a better quality of life.

5) Do Activities You Love

Stress puts unnecessary strain on your heart. One of the best ways to lower your daily stress levels is to do the things you love. Stay around people- socialize with friends and family. Meditate, start a hobby, play cards or other games. Enjoy life and people and good times.

The Unlimited Advantage

Unlimited Care Cottages is dedicated to providing the best atmosphere and care for the healthiest life possible for our residents. Our private assisted living cottages are designed to provide the best in senior care, the dignity you deserve, and the highest quality of life. 

It’s Never Too Late

No matter what choices you’ve made previously, it’s never too late to begin living a heart-healthy life. While habits can be hard to break and change, this is too important to ignore. Choose a healthy life starting with these heart-healthy habits for seniors.

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