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Exercise and Aging: 7 Benefits of Staying Active as You Age

Exercise is important at any age, and even more so in your later years. Remaining active has many benefits for your overall well-being. It can improve how you feel, keep your mind active and sharp, and improve your memory. Take a look at these 7 benefits of staying active as you age.

What You Need to Know About Exercise and Aging

Exercising regularly can be challenging at any age, but its benefits to health and well-being are more than worth the effort. When coupled with a healthy, balance diet, there is nothing better you could do for your health as you age.

Consider the following benefits of regular activity as you age:

  1. Remain independent longer Engaging in regular physical activity keeps you feeling younger and able to perform common acts of daily living without assistance.
  2. Feel better  Exercise boosts your mood by relieving stress, and reducing depression and anxiety. Remaining strong also gives you more confidence as you are able to remain independent.
  3. Sleep well  Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important to your health and well-being. Remaining active regularly will help you fall asleep faster and sleep much better. You will wake up with more energy and feel ready for your day.
  4. Improve movement Regular exercise improves your strength, balance, and flexibility. This will keep you on your feet with confidence and reduce your risk of falls.
  5. Manage your weight  As you age, your metabolism will slow down. Keeping a healthy weight becomes even more challenging. The good news is that exercise not only builds muscle which burns calories, but it also helps improve your metabolism.
  6. Boost your brain Keeping your brain active with puzzles and other mental activity is a great way to maintain brain health. Did you know that physical exercise is even better? It improves your brain functions and helps with all kinds of activities from multitasking to creative thinking. It can also improve your memory and keep your mind working as you age. It also helps you prevent or combat the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  7. Be your healthiest  Exercise has amazing benefits to your general well-being. It also improves your immune and digestive systems, keeps your heart as healthy as possible, and lowers your risk for illness and disease. There is no better way than exercise and proper diet to reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and osteoporosis.

Ways to Remain Active

Keeping active as you age is easier when you incorporate movement into your daily activities. Go for a walk as you talk to a friend or your spouse. Walk on a treadmill as you watch TV. Walk or play fetch with your dog. Try water aerobics- getting in the water reduces the stress on your joints. Focus on strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility. If you are in an assisted living facility, take advantage of the exercise options they have available for you.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

There is no better-sustained mood-enhancer than exercise with a proper diet. Stay active and enjoy the best quality of life you can have. Let these benefits of exercise and aging motivate you to remain active and healthy. Unlimited Care Cottages is your resource for assisted living and memory care for your aging loved ones.  Contact Us to learn more about the benefits of exercise and aging or for a tour of one of our cottages.