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How Stretching Can Benefit Seniors

Stretching exercises are an excellent way for seniors to stay mobile and active. It also helps them to move with less pain and stiffness, and it aids in preventing injuries.How Stretching Can Benefit Seniors

Doing stretches first thing in the morning is particularly helpful with stiffness and soreness throughout the day. Stretching again in the evening time can help keep their muscles strong and their movement’s fluid.

The following stretches are recommended:

  • Lower back
  • Calf stretching
  • Stretching the hips
  • Stretching neck and shoulders
  • Back stretches
  • Ankle stretching
  • Thigh and back of leg stretching gives great examples to seniors on how to specifically do stretching exercises. Please make sure your elderly loved one is properly supervised at all times.

Also make sure you consult with their doctor before they begin this or any other exercise program. It’s important that seniors discuss exercising with their doctor first. Some of these exercises may not be appropriate for every senior. It also might be helpful for them to begin this program with the assistance of a physical therapist, at least until they learn them all and are able to do them on their own.

Stretching also helps with blood flow and circulation problems, as well as aiding with sleeping issues and relieving arthritis symptoms.

At Assisted Living by Unlimited Care Cottages, we believe it’s important for our elder loved ones to stay healthy and strong, and stretching exercises are one way to accomplish that goal. Please contact us for more advice or if you’d like to visit one of our assisted living cottages.