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“Uptown Funk” Gets the Senior Treatment

The hot pop hit “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars has been given an ‘old-school’ makeover, thanks to actor and singer Alex Boye’.  The British-born Mormon of Nigerian descent has produced an “Oldtown Cover” on YouTube that is rapidly going viral.

The video features seniors that range in age from 65 to 92, including a group out of Utah known as Jean’s Golden Girls that is headed by former professional dancer, Jean Dixon Elliot.  Collectively, those featured in the video have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren.  Boye’ also makes it a point to state that they all performed their own stunts in the video.  While Boye’ himself does not yet qualify as a senior (he was born in 1970), he was made up to look older.

This uplifting (and quite catchy) video reminds us that life doesn’t end after a certain age, and that there is still much fun to be had after 65.  These seniors “get down” just fine.  In fact, Jean’s Golden Girls have been seen all over the place.  They were once on Leno, have performed in Las Vegas, Branson, Madison Square Garden, and on cruise ships, but they are most recognized from having performed halftime shows at college and professional basketball games across the country.

This video effort by Alex Boye’ is not just incredibly enjoyable to watch, it is also an inspiration to those who may believe that getting older means you have to lose your cool.  These seniors prove that this is simply not true.  Keep on dancing!

Enjoy watching the video!