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7 Personality Traits That Help You Thrive as You Age

While many might think that eating right and exercise are the keys to aging well, the Journal of International Psychogeriatrics has found that certain personality traits can make a huge impact on your life as you age, too. By cultivating certain personality traits, older people can thrive and get the most out of life. Share on X

Personality Types and Aging

Personality type and aging are interwoven and it has been found through aging research that certain attitudes and resilience are very important in the aging process. Here are the top seven personality traits that will help you thrive as you age.

1) Be Open to Change

One of the top personality traits found to help you thrive as you age is adaptability. Being open to change is important because so much happens in our lives that cannot be changed. In order to flourish, you must be able to accept and recover from things out of our control.

2) Stay Optimistic

Research suggests that a positive mindset is another top personality trait to achieve. Staying positive no matter what is happening in your life helps keep stress levels down, and in turn, can help you live a longer (and happier) life.

3) Practice Forgiveness

Everyone gets hurt at some point during their life by someone close to them. It is unavoidable. If we don’t practice forgiveness and we leave our negative emotions about the situation unchecked, it can have unfavorable consequences to our wellbeing. Find a way to forgive and release any anger and move on with your life.

4) Embrace Your Passions

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you have to give up on your passions. In fact, it would be detrimental to your health if you did! By staying busy with things you love will help reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia, and also keep your blood pressure balanced.

5) Strong Family Bond

Maintaining a strong relationship with family or close friends is imperative to thriving as you age. In fact, past research has shown that neglecting your relationships can actually cause the reverse and speed up the aging process.

6) A Sense of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose is another personality trait that will help you thrive as you age. Keeping a solid work ethic or finding a hobby that gives you a sense of purpose will help keep your mind busy, your body healthy, and your spirit happy.

7) Stubbornness

Sometimes it pays to be stubborn! Researchers have found that many people with longer life spans tend to be on the stubborn side. These people tend to care less about what other people think and they typically stay true to their beliefs, therefore cutting down significantly on their stress levels.

Personality Traits for Longer Lives

The best news is, we aren’t born with our personality traits–we can work on and gain them through awareness and practice. So, if you want to thrive as you age, make sure to keep an open and positive mind, create a bond with loved ones, be active, and also a bit stubborn, yet forgiving.

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