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Surprising Benefits of Laughter For Seniors

We’ve all heard laughter is the best medicine, and it turns out that there is quite a bit scientific proof to prove it! Unfortunately, for many seniors, laughter can be hard to come by. With feelings of loss and loneliness, the elderly might be missing out on the health benefits that daily laughter provides.

Benefits of Laughter

If you have an aging loved one in your life, laughter is imperative to promoting good health and well-being. Here are five benefits of laughter for seniors and some ideas on how to get them laughing.

1) Reduces Blood Pressure

Many seniors suffer high blood pressure, but laughter increases oxygen in the blood helping with circulation, which is vital for overall health and improved circulation.

2) Reduces Stress and Depression

Laughing increases stress-busting chemicals in our body–like dopamines and endorphins, which naturally decrease stress and wards away depression.

3) Improves Memory

Because of laughter’s ability to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, it has a positive impact on the brain, giving the brain more time to heal and improve memory function.

4) Promotes Fitness

Although it might not seem like it, laughter is great exercise! It engages almost all of the body’s physical systems, letting seniors feel good and possibly look into other low-impact fitness options.

5) Immune Boosting

When we combine all of these benefits above, we see how seniors have better all-around health and stronger immune systems. The better blood flow, increased oxygen, and lowered stress hormones all contribute to boosting the immune systems of the aging elderly.

Get Them Laughing!

There are plenty of ways to get your loved one laughing! Here are a few easy ways to add laughter to their lives.

1) Joke Time

It doesn’t take too much time to tell a silly joke and get your loved one laughing! Tongue twisters and joke books are readily available and a simple way to get your senior laughing!

2) Sing Songs

Singing with or for your loved elderly is a wonderful way to fill the room with laughter. There are also songs to sing along to online or find a CD to play and sing along to.

3) Play Games

Games are another way to add some giggles to the day! You can play one-on-one or in a group. There are plenty of games that aging seniors can play, like charades, card games, I spy games and more.

4) Bring the Kids

Watching and engaging with children is always fun and sure to bring laughs!

5) Just Be Silly

Never underestimate the power of just being silly. Making funny faces or goofing around will lighten the mood and get the giggles going.

Laughter and Senior Health

There is no doubt that laughter and humor positively influence your aging loved one’s body and mind. It brings on feelings of togetherness and community and plays a vital part in their overall health. Make sure you add some laughter to your senior’s day–every day!

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