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We Are In This Together

We Are in This TogetherHumans are social creatures who require social interaction with each other.  It does not matter if one is shy or outgoing, people still need to be around other people and have and maintain relationships.  Humans are not built for isolation.

Not being around other people negatively impacts both physical and psychological health.  Extended isolation can cause irreparable damage to a person; it can even be deadly.  On the flip side of that, strong, healthy relationships with others can improve physical and mental state and increase longevity.

As we age and our health begins to decline, the danger of isolation increases, because one may not feel physically able to get “out and about” most of the time.  This can be an even bigger potential problem for those who are single and have mobility issues, disabilities, or can no longer drive.  This can become a terrible spiral: declines in health increase isolation, and the increased isolation causes further declines in health.

It is for these reasons that we at Unlimited Care Cottages foster a family environment in a home setting.  We understand that relationships can make all the difference for those in our care, and so we do our best to provide a friendly social atmosphere where those relationships can grow and thrive.  Our cottages are small enough to not be intimidating to those that are a little more shy, but big enough to provide a wealth of social opportunities.

We serve family style meals to foster social interaction as well as providing a variety of activities for our residents to participate in.  And we have staff living on the premises as well, so they are more than just caretakers; they are a part of the family as well.

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