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4 Goals for Senior Health in 2019

2019 is here and, as you begin a new year, you might be thinking about an aging loved one in your life. How can you make them more comfortable, healthy, and happy? In the rush of your own daily life, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. If you are wondering how to get back on track and help keep aging family members healthy and happy in the coming year, here are four goals to set for your senior loved one in 2019. Share on X

Your Senior Health Goals

Over the past few years, there have been amazing strides in senior health research, and we know more than ever about extending quality of life, memory, and overall health. Research shows that poor emotional health has real physical consequences, particularly on the elderly. Here are 4 tips to help boost the physical and mental health of your senior loved ones:

Visit More Often

To boost your senior loved one’s mood and make them feel special, make it a goal to visit your senior loved one more regularly. Visiting not only allows you to ensure that their needs are being met, but they also keep your loved one emotionally engaged and remind them of moments and memories they may have forgotten. You will soon find that you gain as much as you give when you visit regularly.

Spend More Time Outside

Getting your aging loved one to spend more side outside can be extremely beneficial for their health. This is especially true if your family member is in an assisted living facility or memory care center. Just sitting outside with them during a visit, or taking them on a walk around the premises can help boost their mood.

Get Social

A healthy social life is important for the overall health and well-being of seniors. It has been found that older adults with a busy social life tend to avoid many of the physical and cognitive difficulties that seniors who are isolated encounter. Be sure to get your aging loved one involved in local social events or activities provided at the assisted living center they stay at.

Staying on Schedule

Staying on schedule and getting proper sleep, water intake, and a healthy diet is crucial no matter what age one is. Encourage your aging loved one to get plenty of sleep, eat and snack on healthy foods, and ensure that they’re drinking plenty of water. It seems so obvious, but often the obvious things are overlooked!

Staying Healthy in 2019

ProTip: There are many ways you can help ensure your older loved one is healthy and happy in the new year! The most important way is to simply be there for them.

Your senior loved one needs your support and love more than you can imagine in order for them to be healthy in 2019. Help them make it a healthy and happy year!

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