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5 Ways to Bless a Caregiver During the Holidays

How to Bless a Caregiver During the Holidays, Unlimited Care CottagesBeing a caregiver to the elderly or someone with a debilitating injury or sickness is a noble and often thankless job. It requires tremendous patience, long hours, and attention to the smallest of details. Most of all, it requires a special kind of person with a huge heart and a lot of love. If you know a caregiver, consider the following ways you could be a blessing to them this Holiday season.

You Can Bless a Caregiver During the Holidays

They pour their lives into others constantly. Take a moment to tell them how much they are appreciated and remind them of the difference they are making every day.

Consider these 5 ways to be a blessing to a caregiver you know:

  1. Help them simplify holiday preparations. Offer to take over organizing or preparing the meal. Offer to have the family celebration at your house or show up to help them decorate and plan if you will have it at their home. Suggest a potluck style dinner where everyone brings a dish. Take care of cleanup so they can just relax and enjoy the food and family.
  2. Find out their personal needs and meet them. Do they need help around the house or running errands? Maybe they just need a shopping companion or someone to help them wrap gifts. Ask them what would be the most helpful way you could ease their load.
  3. Help them plan ahead to reduce the stress of holiday festivities. They already have a lot on their plate and the thought of the holidays may be overwhelming to them. Help them plan out all the days and details, so they can clear their head of it and relax.
  4. Treat them to a massage, manicure/pedicure, or day at the spa. Help them take a little personal time to relax, recharge, and replenish their energy. Their world is hectic and days are long. They are giving, giving, giving. Sometimes they just need to stop and receive.
  5. Have fun with them. Find out what they like to do and do it with them. Take them to the movies or to see a Christmas play. Look at lights, take them for a walk downtown, or just for hot cocoa and conversation. Help them forget about the stress and burdens they carry and just have some fun.

Care for the Caregiver

Take a moment to bless a caregiver during the holidays and you will be surprised how it blesses you. They have a lot on their plate and can use help with everything from holiday planning to visiting elderly family during the holidays. It will mean the world to them.

At Unlimited Care Cottages we have a special place in our hearts for caregivers. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you get some much-deserved rest over the holidays!