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5 Ways to Prevent Boredom in Seniors

For seniors who wonder about assisted living, who are retired or living by themselves, discovering new ways to prevent boredom is essential to staying healthy and happy. Many seniors face boredom, and unfortunately, this can lead to depression, restlessness, and poor health.

Activities to Cure Boredom in Seniors

Keeping your loved senior active and free from boredom is easier than you think. Here are five stimulating activities to get seniors active and involved and beat the boredom blues.

1) Explore a New Hobby

There are plenty of hobbies seniors can get involved in. Painting, crochet, writing poetry and scrapbooking are just a few ideas to get seniors encouraged to do something and keep them engaged. Let your loved ones explore new passions, or maybe visit an old passion they gave up long ago.

2) Get a Pet

Caring for something–like a pet–is certain to keep seniors active and free from boredom. Cats can provide companionship without much work and are ideal for seniors bound to wheelchairs or limited spaces. More active seniors might enjoy an older dog, as long as they have help and are able to properly care for them.

3) Volunteer Time

Volunteering and helping others is fulfilling and a great way to get involved in the community while combating boredom. There are numerous organizations who use volunteers, like reading to children at a school or helping at a senior center. Contact local non-profit organizations to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your loved one’s area.

4) Connect with Loved Ones

There are plenty of ways to connect with loved ones these days. Even if you live miles apart, the internet makes it simple to catch up with grandchildren, friends, and family members. Taking time to contact and converse with your loved one each week helps keep them free from boredom. Connect with a phone call, video call, or even a handwritten letter.

5) Take a Class

The National Council on Aging found that seniors who are cognitively stimulated have a better quality of life and experience less boredom. Luckily, in today’s technological age, classes are easier to come by and can be found at local community colleges, community centers, and even online.

Keep Life Enjoyable

Anyone who has felt boredom know what an awful, numbing feeling it can be. It doesn’t take much to combat such feelings, but it’s hard to do it alone. Offering structure and a consistent schedule helps break up the day and prevent your loved one from feeling stagnant. Activities and socialization can also offer a respite from boredom. Families are busier than ever, with activities, careers and hustle and bustle. If you can’t offer the level of stimulation that your loved one needs, consider a memory care cottage. These cozy assisted living facilities provide daily activities and a safe environment in which to thrive. 

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