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Aging Parents: Assisted Living or At-Home Caregiver?

aging parents assisted living or home caregiverOne of the great ironies of life is that once upon a time your parents were the ones wiping your drool and teaching you how to walk. When you are the child of aging parents, the roles sometimes feel awkwardly reversed.

The Inevitable Question

When you are raising a child they will eventually learn how to stand on their own. For those caring for aging parents, the road ahead is fraught with sorrow, stress, frustration, and loneliness.

Inevitably many of you will be forced to face the decision of whether or not to send your aging parents to an assisted living facility or hire an at-home caregiver to care for them. On top of that you have to decide which one you can afford.

Reasons to Choose an At-Home Caregiver

When you are faced with this decision, there are ways to make it a simpler choice. These simple rules of thumb can help guide you in making the right decision for your mom and dad.

You Can Afford It

Typically an at-home caregiver is going to be more expensive than assisted living if your parents will need around the clock care. You need to decide if hiring an at-home caregiver is something that you can afford to do and for how long.

Your Parents Prefer It

It may be more cost feasible for your parents to hire an at-home caregiver if they own their home. The longer you can maintain your parents’ sense of autonomy and independence the happier they’ll be. If they prefer to stay at home, at-home care would probably be the best choice.

You Live Nearby

It’s much easier to choose an at-home caregiver if you live nearby. That way you can pop in whenever you need to and see for yourself how well or not your parents are getting along. Transitioning is the hardest part for aging parents. Make it as easy as possible by being mindful of their need for familiar surroundings and people.

Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Unfortunately whether for financial reasons or because they need more care than an at-home caregiver can provide, there are good reasons to choose assisted living as opposed to at-home care.

They Need Around the Clock Care

If your parents are having a hard time getting around, they cannot drive, they are having accidents on themselves, or they are not eating well, they may need around the clock care.

Some at-home caregiver services do provide around the clock care but it is extremely expensive. An assisted living facility is a cost-effective choice when your aging parents need around the clock care.

They Need Emergency Care Nearby

Even if you live in the same city as your elderly parents, they may live far away from the nearest hospital. If they are on oxygen or have an acute heart condition – any condition that may require sudden critical care – an assisted living facility is the best choice.

They Live Far from Relatives

If your parents live in Florida but everyone else lives in Pennsylvania, they may become depressed from loneliness and isolation. They could also be all alone with no one there to check on them if they fall or have an emergency.

Assisted living facilities not only provide emergency care on-site but they also typically provide many activities and social opportunities for residents.

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At Unlimited Care Cottages, we know what a difficult choice you face. Let us make it easier for you. We maximize your aging parents’ ability to live independently while providing them the necessary care and activities that will keep them healthy. Contact us to tour our assisted living cottages.