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The Best Time of Year to Transition to Assisted Living

Making the decision to move your aging loved one into an assisted living facility is a big decision. It is important that their moving day is at the right time to help ease them into the big change. So, just when is the best time to move your loved one into long-term care? Autumn is the perfect time for a transition into assisted living.

Autumn and Transitioning to Assisted Living

When deciding on when the best time for moving into an assisted living home, not all months are created equal. Here are three reasons why the fall season is the perfect time for making the move to a memory care community or assisted living home.

The Heat is Gone

One of the top reasons fall is such a perfect time to transition to an assisted living community is because the summer heat is gone. Many elderly people are unable to tolerate high heat and humidity, so the fall’s moderate temperatures are ideal.

Adjustment Time

Your loved one needs some time to adjust to their new surroundings and by making the transition in the fall lets your loved one adjust better. Because of the cooler temperatures, they will be more apt to get involved in more activities offered by the care facility and get to know others who live there.

Holidays are Near

Another reason the fall is the best time to transition into assisted living is that it allows your loved one some time to get settled and get their space feeling like home in time for the holidays. They will not only be able to get to know their surroundings well, but will have a chance to decorate their new space with holiday decor, and plan to have friends and family com toe visit for dinners and gift exchanging. The holidays are a special time and getting them moved into assisted living beforehand can help make their first holiday in their new home extra special. Click To Tweet

Easing the Transition into a Care Community

One thing is for sure, everyone wants an easy and seamless transition into a new care community, and there is no better time than this fall.

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