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More Than Decor: Personalizing Your Loved One’s Room in Assisted Living

If you have recently moved or are planning to move your loved one into an assisted living community, it is important to not only think about function, and safety, but also comfort and familiarity, too. There is a lot more to just decorating their new space–you need to create a place that makes your loved one feel at home. Personalizing your loved one’s room in assisted living is one of the most important steps in the transition.

Long-Term Care: Personalization Matters

It can be challenging for all involved when it comes to transitioning a loved one into an assisted living facility. You can help the process go more smoothly and ease any discomfort when you take these seven tips on how to personalize your loved one’s room into consideration.

  1. Keep What’s Important
  2. Take Size Into Consideration
  3. Make it Familiar
  4. Pictures of Loved Ones
  5. Choose Optimal Colors
  6. Make Things Accessible
  7. Consider Falls and Injuries

1) Keep What’s Important

Make sure to get your loved one involved with deciding what they bring with them. It is important to allow them to keep their favorite belongings. You want them to have the items that make them feel happy–but try not to take so much that it causes a cluttered space.

2) Take Size Into Account

The fact is, your loved one is most likely losing space when they move into an assisted living home. Take measurements of the new space and take only what is necessary for them to be comfortable and happy.

3) Make It Familiar

By making their new living space feel familiar, you are helping your loved one feel more secure and safe. If possible, try to set up your loved one’s room just as it was at their home. If they were used to having a nightstand on the right side of their bed, try to place it in the same place at their new home.

4) Pictures of Loved Ones

One of the most important things you can do when moving your loved one into a long-term care or memory care center is to hang up pictures of loved ones around the space. These play an important reminder and can be a big helper if your loved one suffers dementia or Alzheimer’s.

5) Choose Optimal Colors

What color your loved one’s room is can make a huge difference in their day-to-day life. Colors play a vital role in your loved one's assisted living room design and can actually affect your loved one’s mood. Share on X Soft greens, yellows, and blues are healing colors, while bold yellows, oranges, and red help stimulate appetite.

6) Make Things Accessible

You need to take your loved one’s new daily routine into consideration when personalizing your loved one’s room. Make everything easy to reach and get to. If they like to chat on the phone, make sure it is reachable from their favorite chair. Also be sure to place a nightlight in the room or in the hallway to the bathroom if they need to get up during the night.

7) Consider Falls and Injuries

When personalizing your loved one’s new space, consider areas or things that might cause them to fall or injure themselves. Sharp corners and glass tables can pose a definite threat to your loved one. Make sure to place non-slip strips in the shower and make sure handrails are installed near the toilet and bathtub.

Personalized Space at a Senior Living Community

It is important to make your loved one’s living space feel like home as they move into their new living place. When you take the above tips into consideration and work with caring staff, you can create a perfect place for your loved one, and help ease the transition during this time.

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