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Essential Tips for Safeguarding a Home for Seniors

As our loved ones grow older, it is increasingly possible that an accident could take place which may leave them seriously injured. According to an AARP study, nearly 90% of people age 65 and over want to stay in their family home as they age. To accommodate this, it’s important to make sure they’ll remain safe.  

Safeguarding a Home for Seniors: A Brief Guide

Everyone wants loved ones to live a long, happy and healthy life. To that end, it’s important to be aware of ways that you can safeguard the home from potential danger for aging loved ones.

Bathroom Awareness

The bathroom is one of the most common places where an injury may occur. But there are quite a few proven ways that you can help get those chances significantly lowered. Have peace of mind by implementing some or all of the following:

  • Install non-slip mats into the bathtub or shower.
  • Install grab bars, in near the toilet and in the bath. Basically, any area where mobility is required.
  • Flex mat or a rug in place of the sink, especially if the floors are tile or a slick material.
  • Equip raised toilet seats so that the rise to and from the toilet is easier to manage.

Bedroom Awareness

The bedroom is a potential area for injury as a lot of time is spent there daily. This is especially true when working with a family member who needs personal assistance with memory care.

  • While there should be very good lighting throughout the house, here in the bedroom having a light source easily reached from the bed is essential.
  • Again,this applies throughout the house, but here in the bedroom, it is essential to properly manage wires and cables or any other potential tripping hazards.
  • Be aware of any dressing aids that will make mobility easier and to avoid awkward positions that could potentially lead to injuries. Think dressing sticks, sock aids, and shoe horns.

Kitchen Awareness

The kitchen presents the possibility for accidents due to burns, electrical items, and household appliances. Safeguarding the home for an aging loved one should start here, in the kitchen.

  • Manage the cords of electrical appliances so that they are away from both the sink and the stovetop.
  • Equipping pull-down style shelving, in addition to a sturdy step stool will help seniors reach those objects higher up safely.
  • Automatic shut off rages are a nice touch, though where these aren’t an option ensure that flammable objects such as paper towel and oven mitts are stored well away from here.
  • Equip the kitchen with a fire extinguisher and go over with your senior how to operate it just in case of an emergency.
  • Not unlike your home, the kitchen should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector.

Living Room Awareness

Much time during the day is typically spent in the living room Here are a few things that should be on your list for safeguarding the living room for your aging loved one.

  • Check to ensure that topical carpets and rugs are level with the floor, and properly secured onto slippery surfaces.
  • Ensure that there are clear paths to move around. The flow should not be hindered by any low-lying objects that could be a trip hazard.
  • Minimize items on the floor. If your loved one has hardwood or similar flooring then non-slip surfaces are essential. Otherwise, keep items on the floor to an absolute minimum.  

Safety Awareness for Your Aging Loved Ones Means Fewer Accidents

There will always be the potential for an accident. No matter what we do, there still exists this risk. However, you can significantly minimize this risk, giving yourself and your senior loved one peace of mind. Use this guide to safeguarding a home for seniors to get started.

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