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The Modernization of Senior Living

In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin’.” Even truer today than when he penned those words in the 1960’s. Technology, social media, and other cultural changes are now even influencing the organizations that offer personal assisted living and other senior care facilities.

The New Senior Living

Every culture shifts and changes with time and all organizations must learn to shift and change with it or perhaps be left behind. Facilities that offer assisted living and other forms of senior care are no exception.

1) Name trends.

Because of the stigma related to aging, many centers are removing words like “senior” from their names. They’re opting for trendier names that communicate fun, wholesomeness, and dignity. This rebranding is intended to keep residents from being labeled.    

2) Updated activities.

Senior centers are offering much more than bingo and movie nights. You can find all kinds of activities from biking clubs, concerts, dances, field trips, and more. Some even feature exercise centers and computer labs. Centers must now appeal to not only the old-old but the young-old as well.

3) Social media marketing.

Many organizations are advertising via Facebook and other social media because they know their potential members are searching for the best deals online. Senior care facilities must remain relevant in order to reach as many potential members as possible.

4) Expanded hours.

To accommodate younger members, some centers are expanding their open hours into the evenings and on weekends. This makes them more convenient for those who work, volunteer, or babysit young grandchildren.

5) Classes to engage the mind.

Many facilities offer different classes members can take, sometimes even with family members. Classes include computer courses, ceramics, painting and more. This helps keep members’ minds active and engaged while providing an opportunity for social interaction with friends and family members.

Forging Ahead with Personal Care

As demographics, culture, and technology changes, senior living and personal care must also. Available activities, social opportunities, and methods of care are among the things that may be improved and expanded over time. All of this adds up to a better living experience for your senior loved ones.

At Unlimited Care Cottages, however, at the end of the day, one thing will always remain the same. That is our commitment to preserving each of our resident’s dignity and independence for as long as possible through the best care and private assisted living available. Contact Us to learn more about our premium assisted living cottages or to schedule a tour.