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Older Women More Likely to Live Alone

Lots of things change as you age. You slow down and life slows down. Health and financial concerns are greater. Physical activity may diminish. When you consider increasing life expectancies, it is evident life at retirement as a whole is shifting. One shift that may be surprising, though, is more and more older women are choosing to live alone.

Why Are Older Women Living Alone?

Women tend to live longer than men, in general, and tend to marry older men. Because of this, women are more likely to be widowed, but this only accounts for part of the trend. Studies show men are much more likely to remarry than women. It may be the transition from married life to single life is harder for older men than it is for older women. Whatever the reason, the repercussions are often significant.

Common Concerns for Single Seniors

Many studies have indicated marriage is good for your health. Losing that relationship, whether through divorce or widowhood, is often hard for men and women alike. Women typically manage all things health-related for the family. When a man loses this, his health suffers for it as well. On the other hand, many women who lose their husbands also suffer economic hardship once he’s gone. Women, however, tend to have much stronger social connections, including closer relationships with their children. These relationships benefit both their mental and physical health. For this reason, older women show greater strides in personal growth living single than older men. This holds true whether living on their own, or in an assisted living facility.

Taking Care of Your Aging Loved Ones

There’s a growing trend of older women living alone. While they may be better equipped to go it alone than their male counterparts, they still need friends and family. They still need community. Unlimited Care Cottages is dedicated to providing a loving, vibrant community for your aging loved ones. Through assisted living services and memory care, we enable seniors to live with dignity, respect, and the best care you can find. Contact Us for more information or for a tour of one of our cottages.