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Recreation Therapy for Seniors: Indoor Gardening

The therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors are tremendous. Loneliness, depression, and inactivity are all things many seniors battle with. Often, they feel confused. They also have limitations on what they are able to do. While gardening helps seniors get up and get outside, what about those who can’t go outside? Indoor gardening is a great alternative for the less mobile. Consider the following benefits.

Indoor Recreation Therapy for Seniors

Indoor gardening may play a vital role in the life of your aging loved one. It’s hard when you feel alone and you can’t do the things you used to do. Help brighten the life of a senior you know by introducing them to indoor gardening. Whether at home or in an assisted living setting, it will enrich their life in the following incredible ways.

Keeps Their Mind in the Game

Gardening stimulates your mind. You are planning and executing your plan to arrive at the desired outcome. You also have to wait and keep your mind engaged long enough to remember to come back to check progress. It also represents an opportunity for constant learning.

Gives them the Opportunity to Care for Something

Caring for something outside of yourself just feels good. This gives seniors the chance to love something and take an interest in its well-being. It forces them to think outside of themselves and can be as simple as a potted plant or more complex like a herb garden. It gives them something to look forward to outside of their normal routine.

Eases Stress

Gardening, in general, reduces stress and promotes peace. It’s very calming and soothing to their nerves. Senior life can be confusing and frustrating, dealing with new limitations and especially if their mobility is restricted. Indoor gardening helps them remain calm and gives them a distraction from the things that cause them stress.

Gives Them a Sense of Purpose

They likely no longer have a job or many responsibilities. There is little in their life that gives them something to work toward, something to accomplish. Indoor gardening allows them to make goals and have a purpose. They spend a little time each day on it. They will be proud of whatever they’re able to do. Purpose is essential to a happy life.

Something to Do With Their Hands

Boredom is a breeding ground for loneliness and depression for seniors. Inactivity often spirals into boredom. Tending to an indoor garden or even just a single potted plant or flower gives them something to do with their hands. Though they may not have full mobility, it gives them a sense of movement and keeps them from getting bored.

Indoor Gardening Activities

Indoor gardening for seniors can be a simple potted plant. Herbal gardens in plastic 2-liter bottles are another great option. You could also create a raised bed with several different types of plants inside. You can use mason jars, hanging plants, and a cactus. Do a little research to find what will be best for your senior loved one. There are limitless options.

Let Nature Nurture Them

The soothing effects of nature are good for the soul. They calm the nerves, ease the tension in the body, and bring peace to the mind. Your senior loved one who is unable to go outside no longer feels nature’s touch. This summer, lift their spirit. Let indoor gardening be their recreation therapy. To learn about the healing benefits of indoor gardening or for a tour of one of our cottages, Contact Us.