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Surprising Benefits of Coloring Books for Older Adults

Coloring is typically viewed as an activity for children. It’s a way for many parents to keep their young children occupied. However, it also has many benefits for adults and especially older adults.  Coloring books for adults are becoming more and more popular with good reason.

5 Incredible Benefits of Coloring Books for Older Adults

Many seniors are turning to coloring books as a frequent social activity. It’s low cost and accessible to almost anyone, making it perfect for aging adults. Consider the following 5 benefits of coloring books for older adults:

1) Good for the brain.

Coloring stimulates the frontal lobes of your brain. Organization, focus, concentration, and problem-solving are all governed by your frontal lobes. It also makes both hemispheres of your brain work together to plan and implement a design and choose and coordinate colors. This helps keep your brain active and may even prevent or delay the effects of dementia.

2) Promotes social interaction.

Coloring is slow-paced and perfect for conversation. It also requires a low level of physical activity. Gather with a group of friends to shoot the breeze while crafting your masterpieces. This is particularly well-suited for assisted living and memory care settings. It’s also a great way to spend time with your grandchildren!

3) Calming effect.

Coming to grips with aging can be very stressful. Coping with medical issues, diminishing mental capacities, and loss of independence proves difficult for many seniors. It’s confusing and humbling. Coloring has a calming effect on the mind and body. It promotes relaxation and reduces your stress and anxiety. Frequent coloring helps seniors cope with the negative effects of aging.

4) Takes you back to your youth.

Coloring transports you back to your childhood and simpler times. It takes you back to a time in life when you were stress and worry free. This nostalgia helps to even further calm and relax you. You will feel better, more relaxed, and even experience a small energy boost.

5) Improve coordination and muscle control.

Coloring requires tiny, intentional muscle movements. This is great for your hand-eye coordination and the fine motor skills that control dexterity. It won’t feel like exercise, but the repetitive motion will exercise the muscles in your hands.  

Add Color to Your Life

As people age, life starts slowing down. Physical activity becomes more and more difficult and mental acuity diminishes. Losing independence is very confusing and stressful for many seniors. Coloring books for older adults provide many benefits to counter the common effects of aging. It improves your mental and physical health and reduces stress levels. Consider making this low-cost activity a part of your life or for a senior loved one you know.
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