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The 8 Biggest Fears about Senior Living

Fears about Senior LivingAs you mature into the golden years of your life, ideas that you may have formed early on about senior living often become big fears. It’s hard to fathom leaving your own home and your family behind. You may begin to imagine yourself being “locked up” and forgotten. Your fears about senior living are perfectly normal. However, the truth is that many of the fears that people have about senior living are far from reality.

Here are the 8 biggest fears about senior living that you or your loved one may have:

 IFears about Senior Livingf I go into a senior living facility, I will lose my independence.

One of the biggest concerns among our elderly is that they will completely lose their independence when placed under the care of another. They’ve worked  hard to become independent and take care of themselves and they certainly don’t want to give that up! The reality is that many that go into a senior living  environment do still have the strength and ability to care for themselves and others – and thoroughly enjoy doing so. They can help cook, clean, and do many  other chores in a safe and loving environment.

 I will be so lonely in a place like that.

It’s easy to imagine getting lonely in a senior living facility if you’ve never visited or lived in one. But living in a senior home is not as isolating as most  imagine. On the contrary, caregivers encourage and facilitate interaction among the residents. At Unlimited Care Cottages, our seniors often invite  caregivers, family and friends to be guests in their homes. We love to visit and enjoy spending time with them through organized activities or  spontaneous chats. We also organize many social activities for our residents – building a sense of community and fostering friendships.

Will moving into a senior living facility make me grow older faster?

You may think that being sent off to a senior living environment will make you age quicker, but the opposite is true. It is isolation and depression that can contribute to aging more quickly. The loving senior living community full of activity as well as daily stimulation and interaction does wonders for your health and quality of life.

I am afraid I won’t have any control over my own life.

The senior living environment does not exist to take complete control of one’s life. Caregivers are there to help guide you and care for you to the extent that you need them to and will always treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve. While we know it can be frustrating to need help with things that always came easy before, we are here to assist you – not control you – and always have your best interest at heart.

 Assisted Living ActivitiesWill I be bored all the time?

Everyone loves to play! And we value play at Unlimited Care Cottages – no matter your age. Like many senior living facilities, we keep our residents busy with social events, gardening, game nights, educational opportunities, and more!

 I just know my family and friends will never visit. I will miss them too much.

Also high on the list of biggest fears about senior living is losing one’s family and friends. But now that you have more time on your hands, you may be surprised to see the opposite unfold. You will have plenty of time to visit with family and friends that come by and we often plan social events for friends and family to participate in activities with you. For relatives that live far away, we can facilitate face-to-face conversation for you through FaceTime.

Am I going to lose my sense of style in a community like that?

Seniors in assisted living environments are encouraged to bring their unique taste and sense of style with them. Our residents are welcome to decorate their space and add their own flair to the cottage.

Even if I wanted it, I am sure I can’t afford to live there.

While senior living can be pricey, there are many financing options available to help with the financial burden. It can also be less expensive than staying in your own home and hiring outside staff for your care.

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We hope we have calmed some of your fears about senior living. Now that you have learned more about what it’s really like in a senior living facility, we invite you to come out and visit our cottages. We promise you will feel right at home! Contact us to schedule a tour of our cottages, learn more about living in a senior living home, and check availability.