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Understanding Memory Loss & Memory Care Communities

While it is normal for people to become forgetful or have lapses of memories at times, but sometimes these senior moments are indicative of a memory issue, like the beginning stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is defined as chronic cognitive loss, and it is known to impact the memory. So how do you know if your loved one is just being forgetful or if it is time to talk to a doctor? Is your aging loved one starting to show signs of memory loss? Learn the warning signs of memory loss and if a memory care community might be the answer. Click To Tweet

Warning Signs of Memory Loss

Knowing the warning signs of memory loss and early forms of dementia are important in getting your loved one the treatment they need from a memory care community. Here are six common warning signs that your loved one is having memory issues and may need additional help:

  1. Communication Difficulties
  2. Mood Swings
  3. Poor Hygiene
  4. Losing Things
  5. Wandering
  6. Using Poor Judgement

1) Communication Difficulties

Your loved one is showing signs of difficulty in communicating, such as problems finding the right words to say, recalling people’s names (who they’ve known for a long time), or they ask the same question repeatedly.

2) Mood Swings

Another symptom of memory loss and dementia are mood swings. For example, your loved one might go from happy to angry in a matter of seconds with no apparent reason, become fixated on one detail, or get upset when in certain specific locations.

3) Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is another red flag for memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. If your loved one starts neglecting their hygiene, like forgetting to bathe, brush their teeth, or change their clothes, it is time to take action.

4) Losing Things

When you aging loved one starts misplacing items (like car keys in the bathroom closet, or their hat in the refrigerator), and are unable to retrace their steps to find them, it might be a signal to get help.

5) Wandering

One of the most common signs of dementia and memory loss is wandering aimlessly and becoming lost.

6) Using Poor Judgement

When older people have issues with judgment, it is time to be concerned. Examples of using poor judgment are spending their money in irresponsible ways or dressing inappropriately for the weather.

Memory Care Communities

If your loved one is dealing with memory loss and has been diagnosed with a type of dementia, a memory care community might be a good option. Memory care communities offer specialized, individual care for people suffering memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. Memory Care’s main goal is to slow the progression of the disease through trained staff, top of the line resources, and daily memory-building activities, all in a safe and loving atmosphere.

ProTip: Memory care communities offer long-term individualized care to those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia and Long-Term Memory Care

By learning the warning signs of memory loss and dementia, you can help your loved one receive the best care, and help slow down their memory deterioration while living in a caring environment with people who are skilled and understand their condition.

Contact us to learn more about understanding memory loss and how a memory care community might be a good option for your loved one.