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Words of Wisdom from Centenarians

Words of Wisdom from CentenariansThe Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) season and the winning team holds the title of National Champion for the year.

It has become a national spectacle, not just for the game itself, but also for the commercials shown during it.  Whether they be funny or inspirational, it is when the marketers step up their own “game” and release ads that display the best they have to offer.

This year, Dodge released a commercial that featured centenarians (those 100 years of age or older) giving advice about life and longevity.  Yes, it is an ad to sell cars and trucks, but the advice given in it is worthy of consideration.

  • “Live for now, because life is good.  You make it good.”  This tells us to live in the moment and that our attitudes make all the difference.
  • “You’ll learn not to cheat.”  This addresses how we should live honorably and not try to take shortcuts.
  • “There are miracles all around you.”  Pay attention to the positive things happening in and around your life.
  • “Stay young.”  Again, attitude makes all the difference; we are only as old as we feel.
  • “Always tell the truth.”  Honesty is the best policy.
  • “Keep your eyes open, and sometimes your mouth shut.”  Pay attention to what is happening, and be sure to take time to listen to others; you might learn something.
  • “Don’t complain.”  Focus on the positive things rather than the negative things in your life.
  • “Tell it like it is.”  Again, honesty.
  • “Hesitate, and you’ll lose.”  Don’t be afraid to take some risks.
  • “Put the pedal to the metal.”  Move forward, don’t become stagnant.
  • “Live fast.”  Keep up with everything life has to give you.
  • “Never, ever forget where you came from.”  Move forward, but remember your roots.  Where you came from is as important a part of who you are as where you have ended up.

Advice can come from unlikely sources, like car commercials during the Super Bowl, but the source doesn’t matter if the advice is good.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the Dodge Super Bowl commercial yet, here it is for your viewing pleasure:


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