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A Caregiver’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

How Caregivers Can Survive the Holidays, Unlimited Care Cottages

The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” people proclaim. But we all know that this most joyous time of year can also be the most stressful. When you are a caregiver, the stress can be even greater. As you work to fulfill your care-giving duties, you must also make time to celebrate the season with your friends and family.

3 Ways Caregivers Can Break Free from the Stress and Enjoy the Holidays

Don’t let the stress take the joy out of your holiday season this year. You can have the best of both worlds, with a little bit of planning and focus.

Here are four ways to break free from the stress and enjoy your holidays:

Break it down to the Essentials

What absolutely MUST be done? Make a list of what you need to accomplish over the holiday season. Once you have the to-do list on paper, narrow it down to the essentials. Only the tasks that absolutely must be done this season should remain. Take a few minutes to review what’s left on your list. Reevaluate the necessity of each. If it’s more of an “I’d like to” than an “I must”, remove this item from the list. Schedule a time after the holidays to complete the remaining tasks.

Build a Solid Support System

Everyone needs a solid support system. As a caregiver, that need increases ten-fold. As you pour all your heart and energy into caring for others, you will need someone to learn on for support. This can be a good friend, family member, or someone from church or another organization that you are a part of. You need someone to turn to when you feel weak, vulnerable, or just plain tired just as much as those under your care.

Getting Your Shopping Done

Make sure to schedule some time to do your Christmas shopping! Last minute shopping can add to the stress so determine ways that you can make it easier. Many caregivers rely on online shopping or delegate this task to others they trust. You can still put thought into your gift-giving, even if you are not the one who physically makes the purchase.

Thank You from Unlimited Care Cottages

At Unlimited Care Cottages, we know that being a caregiver is a calling – it’s not for everyone! Caregivers are special people that pour their hearts and souls into the well-being of others, oftentimes forgetting about the self-care they need to keep going. Whether you are an at-home caregiver or work in an assisted living environment, we want to thank you for the love you pour into caring for others. Don’t forget to take care of you too!

Happy Holidays from the Unlimited Care Cottages Team!