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Home Care Advice for Your Elderly Loved One

We have some practical advice to help you care for your elder loved one at home. Your goal is for them to feel safe, comfortable, and at peace in their home environment. Using these Home Care Advice for Your Elderly Loved Onesimple recommendations will help reduce your loved ones’ stress levels, as well as your own. The more protected they feel, the less likely they’ll become confused or agitated.

  • Don’t place a lot of mirrors around your home – sometimes mirrors can startle or confuse them because some elderly people don’t recognize their own reflection.
  • Purchase remotes or keypads with large numbers – this will help them read the numbers and keys without help from others, which cuts down on frustration.
  • Use large digital clocks – they are easier for your loved one to read.
  • Buy their clothing in basic colors – tan, black, white, and cream. This will make it easier for them to choose their own outfits each day. Don’t give them too many choices because that can confuse and overwhelm them.
  • Organize their closet – hang all their shirts on one side of the closet and pants and skirts on the other side. Take out clothes they haven’t worn in a while.
  • Use small, light-weight water pitchers – keep the pitcher filled with fresh water at all times and place it in a convenient and easy to reach location. Throughout the day, remind your senior to drink plenty of water and remind them where the small pitcher is located. It’s critical for their health – keeps them properly hydrated, reduces headaches, cuts down on stress, and helps with sleeplessness.

It’s important for your loved one to remain as independent as possible in their later years. This gives them a sense of purpose, allows them to have some control of their daily activities, and they still feel important and useful.

These tips may seem small or modest but in reality they are essential to helping you and your senior loved one manage from day-to-day.

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