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Gardening for Seniors: Playing In The Dirt Isn’t Just For Kids!

Gardening for Seniors at Unlimited Care CottagesUnlimited Care Cottages added a new vegetable garden for our residents this month.

“We’ve had gardens at our Cooper Cottages for years, said Assisted Living Director Candace Estes. “We saw how the caregivers and residents enjoy them, so we wanted to expand that to our other cottages.”

When the residents and caregivers request something like this, our owners Buck and Terri do everything in their power to make it happen.  A team was gathered to create the new garden for the residents. Candace brought her whole family, including her husband, three helpful kids, and a family friend, and they all participated in planting the garden. The caregivers were also involved. While the kids brought in the dirt and crafted the garden covers, caregivers Mercy and Grace went out and picked some plants and planted them in the garden.

As far as garden maintenance goes, the caregivers and residents will all take part in keeping the garden growing. While digging up a hole and placing in a seed may not seem like much, you’d be surprised to know that gardening does a substantial amount of good for seniors. Spending time out in the sun while working together on a similar project all helps to boost happiness and health levels while encouraging socialization.  Not to mention, taking a big bite out of a ripe vegetable they helped to grow can be highly satisfying and delicious!

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Gardening for Seniors at Unlimited Care CottagesThere are so many benefits of gardening for seniors! Assisted living, for many seniors, can often lead them into the unfortunate cycle of social isolation. Living in a new place with brand new faces surrounding them can often raise anxiety and stress levels, taking away from their happiness and comfort. To combat this cycle, many senior citizens have taken up the fun hobby of gardening.

Gardening itself can also prevent injury. Specifically, it can offer an increase in mobility and flexibility – something that can help older adults maintain their independence.

Seeing how much pleasure the caregivers and residents took in their gardens at the Cooper Cottage, Buck and Terri made it their mission to expand by planting a new vegetable garden.  This sort of compassionate dedication is just one of the many ways in which the team at Unlimited Care Cottages has gladly brought about change and happiness to their many joyful residents.