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Mother’s Day is Upon Us

Mother’s Day is Upon Us

Mother’s Day is a day when we honor those women who have raised and nurtured us and helped us to become who we are. These women hold our respect, our admiration, and our hearts.

Some think of the word “mother” in the purely biological sense: the one who gave birth to us. However, this definition may be a bit too strict. Sometimes the one who gave birth to us is anything and everything that anyone could ask for in a mother and more. But not everyone is fortunate enough to win that biological lottery.

Giving birth does not necessarily endow those nurturing, loving, motherly instincts on a biological mother. Therefore, not everyone is birthed by a woman who possesses those peripheral traits that we attach to the word “mother.” Sometimes those things are provided by someone other than the one who gave birth to us.

This is why Mother’s Day is now thought of by many as a day to also honor those who acted as mothers, regardless of whether or not they have any actual biological ties to those they have helped to raise. They may be adoptive mothers, foster mothers, step mothers, or simply women who have included us in their lives and treated us as their own.

These women may not have gone through the labor and delivery process with us, but they may have still loved us, taught us, nurtured us, played with us, spent quality time with us, comforted us, protected us, and provided what they could for us. And for many, that means more and holds more weight than whoever actually gave birth.

So, as Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, we at Unlimited Care Cottages encourage consideration for all of the women who have impacted lives as mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

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