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Senior Living in Kingwood: Visit Our Open House!

Have you visited our newly renovated, Kingwood Cottage? We’ve been busy remodeling the cottage in the last couple of months and are ready to reopen to the community. Thursday, March 5, 2020, we’re hosting an open house for you to see our latest renovations. Discover why our senior living cottage in Kingwood has been named “the nicest, cleanest, and well-maintained places” in the area.

Did you hear the big news? Our Kingwood Cottage is open and now accepting applications! View our latest renovations here! Share on X

Located in the Forest Cove subdivision in the Kingwood area, our Kingwood Cottage is the largest of all of our cottages. Compared to traditional nursing homes, our cottage prides itself on providing the best quality of life for each resident. It’s been a busy couple of months of renovations, but we’re excited to share a new and improved Kingwood cottage for your loved ones.

Stylish Upgrades in Every Room

Along with updated flooring and new paint, we’ve been able to complete a number of upgrades in each of our rooms at the Kingwood Cottage. Every bathroom was updated with marble stone countertops and new light fixtures. To accommodate large gatherings and an open floor plan, we were able to remove the massive fireplace and create a larger entryway. Together with stylish shiplap, beadboard, and trim features, our cottage is ready to host a number of social activities.

Senior Living in Kingwood, TX: Cottage Renovations, Unlimited Care Cottages, Kingwood, TX


New Additions in Kitchen Remodel

Meals around the dinner table are a highlight of every single one of our residents! During the remodeling process, we were able to repaint all of the kitchen cabinets and install modern countertops. Our team took the time to design each feature to coordinate with the other home updates. By adding a new backsplash, counter lighting, and stainless steel appliances, chef-prepared meals are ready to be created in our new kitchen space.

Senior Living in Kingwood, TX: Cottage Renovations, Unlimited Care Cottages, Kingwood, TX



Improved Curb Appeal

Unlike other senior living communities, we have the advantage of allowing seniors to live life in a furnished, residential home. In addition to our interior upgrades, we spent time sprucing up the curb appeal. By installing a new roof, pressure washing the exterior, and adding new landscaping, our residents can walk into a beautiful new home.

Unlike many of our other cottages, the Kingwood cottage also offers a swimming pool for families and guests to enjoy. In the midst of all of the other renovations, our team was also able to restore the pool so it can be used this coming summer!

Senior Living in Kingwood, TX: Cottage Renovations, Unlimited Care Cottages, Kingwood, TX


Pro Tip: Mark your calendar for the Kingwood Cottage Open House! On Thursday, March 5, 2020, from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM, enjoy lunch and see the latest upgrades in person!

High-Quality Senior Care

In addition to daily activities and quality care, residents can choose from a number of living options at the Kingwood Cottage. With room to accommodate up to 10 residents, we have a master suite and multiple private rooms available. If you’re looking for assisted living for your relatives, our Kingwood Cottage is open and ready to welcome new family members.

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