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The Importance of Family

The Importance of FamilyWhat Family Means To Us

Depending on the person, the term “family” can mean many different things.

Some define family as only those who are related by blood or marriage.  Others have a different, somewhat broader definition.  Some believe that a family member is not defined by blood lines or paperwork at all, but rather that it is dependent upon the nature of the relationship that is shared between people.

Some are closer to people outside their biological or legal family than they are to those inside it, and so they consider the people they feel that bond with as “family,” either in addition to or instead of those who are members of that stricter definition.

Here at Unlimited Care Cottages, we tend more towards that broader definition, and we want our residents to not only feel at home in our cottages, but we want them to come to think of us as members of that greater “family.”  For that reason, we do our best to provide a family-oriented atmosphere and to care for them as we would the rest of our families.

This is why we focus on smaller numbers of residents in a particular cottage, serve our meals family-style, and have our caretakers living on the premises.  It is our goal to give our guests everything that a good family provides: loving care, support, and a comfortable feeling of home.  We don’t just try to treat our guests “like family;” we consider them to be family.

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