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“Toughing It Out” Isn’t the Best Choice, When It Comes to Pain

For many seniors, pain presents a challenge! Unfortunately, painful diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis, shingles, arthritis and diabetic neuropathy become more"Toughing It Out" Isn't the Best Choice, When It Comes to Pain common as we grow older. Sometimes pain results from damage to the nerves themselves.

Older adults were raised in a time when discussing pain was often viewed as “complaining.” So they may hesitate to seek help. But seniors and families should never assume that nothing can be done about pain. Treating pain prevents a debilitating cycle of decline: Pain causes inactivity…which increases pain…which causes a senior to be even less active…and the downward spiral continues. For seniors, managing pain effectively is essential to being able to live life to the fullest.

Assisted Living by Unlimited Care Cottages recently held a monthly inservice training on the effects of pain with our residents. Symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, changes in facial expressions, physical discomfort, and restlessness can all be a sign that someone is experiencing pain and may not can communicate that with the carepartner teams. Our carepartners can address the changes in condition and provide necessary measures to be taken.