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5 Benefits of Senior Gardening

For many seniors, assisted living often leads to the unfortunate cycle of social isolation. Living somewhere new with unknown faces staring back at you often raises anxiety and stress levels. It is confusing and hard to find comfort or happiness. Many seniors find relief and solace in gardening. Consider the following benefits of gardening for seniors.

Senior Gardening: Movement, Stimulation, Purpose

The benefits of gardening are plenty, no matter the age. For seniors, however, the benefits are essential. It can help them maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible. It is a wonderful supplement to assisted living and memory care services. Gardening enhances your senior loved ones lives in the following 5 ways:

1) Encourages activity

It is extremely important for seniors to remain physically active for as long as they can. Gardening is a great way to encourage muscle use and movement. It increases their flexibility, strength, and mobility while decreasing their chance for falls.

2) Provides nutrition

Gardening can be a cost-effective source for vegetables that can be used in meal preparation. These nutrient-dense foods will promote a balanced diet and overall good health. Working outdoors also gives seniors exposure to more vitamin D intake, which is essential for healthy living.

3) Stimulates mind

Gardening requires engaging your mind to affect the desired outcome. It requires patience in waiting for plants and vegetables to grow. It also requires learning for those without experience. And for those with experience, it’s an opportunity to keep learning more. Keeping the mind engaged is good for lessening or preventing the effects of dementia.

4) Reduces stress

Losing control of your life one piece at a time can be very confusing and stressful for your aging loved ones. Gardening is a great way to ease the stress. Spending time with nature is peaceful and relaxing. It also helps combat the effects of depression and anxiety.

5) Provides a sense of accomplishment

We feel best about life when we feel it has purpose. This is no different at any age. As we get older, we lose abilities and competencies. Gardening is a great way to provide seniors with something they can accomplish. They are proud of their garden. It is very
fulfilling to them.

Senior Gardening, Unlimited Care Cottages, Spring, Kingwood, The Woodlands, TXOur Raised Beds

We encourage our residents to take part in gardening at our cottages. Family members are also welcomed to contribute to the plants in the gardens. They can plant various plants that will produce fresh vegetables in the summer months. Our nurse, Shannon, handmade our beautiful garden signs from her son’s fence that was destroyed during the recent flood in River Plantation. She salvaged boards and is painting on the wood panels. Thank you, Shannon, for your creativity and such amazing artwork!

Holistic Benefits

Gardening is good for the mind, body, and the heart. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and promotes better movement and flexibility. Senior gardening gives your aging loved ones purpose and fulfillment. Come garden with them and be a part of this beautiful hobby in their life. Unlimited Care  Cottages provides assisted living and memory care for seniors in the Kingwood, Spring and Woodlands areas. Contact Us for more information on gardening with seniors, or for a tour of one of our cottages.