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Creating Community Maximizes the Quality of Life for Assisted Living

Assisted Living Community

Mimi’s Cottage prepares for Spring

Maximizing the quality of life for their residents by combining caregiving, family and fun is paramount to Unlimited Care Cottages. Residents of Unlimited Care Cottages may be living there for assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), but they are much more – they are a community.

Moving from their home or out of a family member’s home is difficult for those from The Greatest Generation. Understandably, they fear losing their independence, becoming disconnected from their friends and family and being alone.   That’s why  Candace Estes, Assisted Living Direct of Unlimited Care Cottages, works tirelessly to ensure her residents are treated with respect, valued as independent individuals and loved for the characters they are.

For those who work for Unlimited sometimes that means getting dirty – literally, digging in the dirt.  Recently, Candance and the resident’s of Mimi’s Cottage enjoyed the beautiful spring weather doing just that.  After a field trip to the local home and garden center, Candance and Mimi’s Cottage residents spent their day playing in the dirt and potting plants.  Everything seemed brighter afterwards, the resident’s smiles and the house itself.  Fun and flowers can do that.

These are the types of interactions that sets Unlimited Care Cottages above the rest.  We don’t just talk the talk; we take action and love doing it!  Unlimited takes the time to connect genuinely with their residents because it’s the quality of life that truly matters.  Residents living in the cottages build relationships with other residents as well as their caregivers.  The advantage of this approach to caregiving is it provides the resident’s family peace of mind knowing their parent or loved one is having fun, making friends and being loved by professional caregivers.