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3 Smart Goals for Aging Adults in 2017

Smart Goals for Aging Adults, Unlimited Care Cottages2017 is here and with it, the opportunity to set new and exciting goals for the year that lies ahead. Goals vary from person to person, with some being more common than others. As you mature in age, you will find that your goals change a little.

Smart Goals for Aging Adults

As senior, you likely face challenges and situations that you’ve never faced before. It’s important to be prepared for this stage of life, preferably before you get there. Even so, it’s never too late to get started!

Here are 3 smart goals for aging adults to consider in 2017:

  1. Move Your Body – Many adults stop exercising as they get older. As you get older, it’s more likely that you’ve suffered some kind of debilitating injury, become weaker, or just have a lot of wear and tear on your body. Nevertheless, all people need exercise, no matter your age or condition. Work with your doctor to determine your fitness level before you begin and ask them about the best exercises for you. Discuss your options and come up with a fitness plan that works best for you. Choose a starting point, set goals, and begin! You will be amazed at how much exercise can change your life, even as an older adult!
  2. Engage Your Mind – The best way to keep a sharp mind is to keep your mind engaged. Interact with others on an intellectual level and play games designed to keep your brain active and engaged.  Just like your body, you must exercise your mind to keep it healthy.
  3. Get Things Ready – This is probably one of the hardest goals to face as you get older, but it’s definitely worth it. Do you have a living will? Power of Attorney? Dedicated Beneficiaries for any financial policies or accounts? As you age, situations arise that may require others to make difficult decisions for you. You want to be sure that the appropriate person in your life is taking the best care of you that they can. Without a power of attorney, what they can do for you can be limited.

Start the Year Strong

As you begin to set your goals for 2017, make sure you are getting the best start to the year possible. As an aging adult, there’s plenty to still enjoy in life. Make sure your body and mind are strong and up for the adventures that life still has to offer! 

Are you considering setting goals for a loved one in assisted living? At Unlimited Care Cottages, we encourage goal setting for our guests – whether a simple task like getting outside every day or communicating with their family each week. Talk to your loved one’s caregivers about which goals are right for your loved one’s particular stage of life.