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Scam Phone Calls Targeting Seniors

Have you noticed an influx in the number of scam phone calls you have received lately? Chances are, you are not alone. There’s someone else in your family who is probably receiving just as many or more of these calls – your senior loved ones.  

New Social Security Check Scam

In case you missed it, there is a new scam targeting social security checks. The caller poses as someone from the Social Security Administration and gains personal information they can then use to call the SSA to make changes to their information on file – including direct deposit account.

Learn more about the details of this Social Security Scam.

How to Deal with Scam Phone Calls Targeting Seniors

Since we know that these scam phone calls are hard to avoid, it’s wise to educate yourself and your senior loved ones about the best way to handle them. If you can identify the call as a scam without answering, this is always the best course of action. However, these criminal callers are clever and constantly seek ways to trick us into answering.

Here is some great info from the Federal Trade Commission on how to handle scam phone calls.

Whether seniors are in assisted living or still living at home, they are often the target of scams with phone scams ranking at the top. Because seniors are considered to have large amounts of money sitting in their account, scammers see them as easy targets. Phone scams are popular ways to target seniors as a generation who likes to shop by phone.

Protect Your Senior Loved Ones

Scam phone calls are an annoying disruption that often distracts from our day to day productivity. But more than that, they are dangerous, especially for seniors. Keep an open dialogue with your senior loved ones about how to protect themselves from being victimized. Work with their caregivers to help keep them safe. If you feel that you or your loved one has been victimized by scam phone calls targeting seniors, report the call to the appropriate organization.