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100% on State Inspection at Unlimited Care in The Woodlands, TX


Each year the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) comes and inspects our Assisted Living Homes in The Woodlands, TX. These inspections are unannounced and always conducted by a member of the professional health care field. Here at Unlimited Care we strive for year around excellence so having an inspector come to make sure we are obtaining that goal is a welcomed visit. Our Cottage 1 home had a visit from DADS last week. After a 2 hour inspection of our home, medicines, food, and most important the residents, we were awarded a score of 100%. No violations or recommendations. Yippy!!!

We always love to hear we are providing exceptional care to our residents. And when a 100% score is awarded by the State of Texas, we feel our efforts and the efforts of so many on our team are being recognized. There are many options for Assisted Living in The Woodlands, TX but here at Unlimited Care we know through families testimonies and through state inspections, we are caring for “Our Greatest Generation” with standards above all others.

Please call for a tour if mom or dad is looking for senior care in The Woodlands that is truly a home away from home.