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A Smooth Move from Rehab to Assisted Living Home

5 Easy Tips

If you or someone you love has had to stay at a rehabilitation facility after a stroke, surgery or an injury, you know that recovery can be a long and difficult process filled with uncertainty about what to expect when transitioning back home.

1. Expect things to be different.
2. Start planning early
3. Stay focused on goals
4. Take advantages of resources available
5. Recognize it’s ok to have help.

Our residents here at Unlimited Care… Assisted Living Cottages transition well after rehabilitation because they are coming back home with carepartners that they know and to their own home environment. Rehabilitation is a bit easier when your in your own home so we feel like this must help our residents adjust more quickly and respond to therapy well. Home Health Physical Therapists can assists our residents with a plan of care to help them achieve their fullest potential and maximize their goals to the best of their abilities. Call for a tour of our assisted living cottages in The Woodlands, Spring and the Kingwood Area.
– Terri Buckholtz