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Advice From Seniors

We often read things that relate to us here at Unlimited Care… Assisted Living Cottages. In all of our senior living cottages we see the elderly on a daily basis show us signs of their life experiences. We love the quote below and hope it makes listening to an elder in your life seem like a SMART thing to do.


“Listen to your elder’s advice. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.” Anonymous 

Advice has the power to save us from disaster or compel us toward it. Either way, we’re likely to find some snippet of value in it. Even if we have no plans to put it into practice, at least not right away.

Seniors who share wisdom from their lives likely know we may ignore what they’re saying. But they’re also likely to understand that the advice we hear today may come in handy much more tomorrow (or a few years from now).

Why We Should Listen to Seniors

As the quote above suggests, good advice comes more from mistakes than perfection. Seniors with the best of intentions offer advice to spare us mishaps or heartaches. They want to help us make better choices–with our money, in romance, for our health and a range of other major and minor decisions.

Of course, sometimes we’re not willing to take that advice until we become older (and wiser) ourselves.

Why Seniors Are So Wise

Recent studies from California University in Riverside and the University of Texas show that experience and knowledge more than make up for any slowing in fluid intelligence (the ability to learn and process information) as we age.

Generally, seniors make better financial and strategic decisions than younger people because they can weigh immediate and delayed benefits of different outcomes. In the end, they’ll choose wisely