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Choosing an Assisted Living Care Setting in The Woodlands, TX…

How do you know which type of care setting to choose?


The things we try to take into consideration when choosing a care setting for our family can be endless. We often experience the effects of paralysis of analysis or sensory over load. At Unlimited Care Assisted Living Cottages in Spring, TX we know there are literally hundreds of questions you could ask yourself…

Is the company stable? What do their inspection reports look like? Is it close enough for me to visit often? How does it look from the outside? How does it smell? What did I like or dislike about the staff? Did the other residents seem happy and content? Was I comfortable about the service offering? What was the care to resident ratio? What about activities? What is the price? What is the cost? How are they (my family) going to feel about this? We know you can think of many, many more. Unlimited Care is an alternative to nursing home care and we understand how overwhelming this process can be.

Let’s try and use just a few simple questions to determine a solid care setting for my family… Notice we did not say awesome, ideal, perfect, and jackpot.

Who are my parents really?

What do they like?

What is a typical day like for them?

What sorts of things are important to them?

And does the care setting match my family’s wants and needs?

Try to keep it simple and basic. Good luck and know that any decision is not permanent and if it is not right… Change!

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