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From Larger Assisted Living Facilities to the Cottage


Assisted Living Facilities- Cottage

Choosing a home for your loved one is an important decision that takes time and research to find the perfect fit. Traditional assisted living facilities can be overwhelming and scary for seniors who are transitioning from living on their own to living with assisted care. Unlimited Care Cottages offers a more inviting and independent environment with a homey feel to ensure all residents are comfortable in their new home.

Consider these benefits to assisted living cottages versus traditional nursing homes when looking for an assisted living facility.

On-Site Visits from Medical Professionals

While many assisted living facilities don’t offer medical staff, Unlimited Care Cottages does. We have coordinated on-site visits with registered nurses and other medical professionals as needed. You can have peace of mind knowing your loved one will always have medical care readily available.

Living in a Residential Home

Instead of large, overpopulated facilities where guests are in one building or complex together, we offer private bedrooms in a beautifully furnished residential home. Residents can feel comfortable in a modern, upscale home making them feel like it’s their own. Each home holds a maximum of only seven guests for a more personalized care system. Electronic room monitoring systems create a safe, secure, caring environment to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of each resident.

The Benefit of Live-In Direct Care Providers

We provide only live-in direct care providers to care for our guests giving continuity of care and greater awareness.Truly knowing the guests we are serving helps us to better monitor the residents and notice the slightest change of condition.

Not only do the staff at Unlimited Care Cottages know our residents well, but owners Terri and Buck Buckholtz love to interact with each and every one and make it a point to know who they are and what they like to do.

Many nursing homes don’t have a 24-hour care provider living with residents. This level of engagement gives elders a high-quality of living, and you can rest easy knowing someone is always there to assist your loved one.

Interactive Activities

This isn’t just a place for someone to sleep or stay temporarily. Unlimited Care Cottages is a home; there’s more than just sleeping, eating and watching TV. Residents can participate in group and individualized activities based on preference, interests and ability. Our goal is to provide meaningful activities. We are growing our programs constantly and increasing the quantity and quality of our volunteer programs.

We know finding an assisted living facility for your loved one can be challenging, and we believe Unlimited Care Cottages is a perfect fit. Our residents maintain independence and personal dignity through the specialized services we offer.

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