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unlimited care cottages


We would like to take a moment and introduce you to Unlimited Care’s…Assisted Living Cottages!!!Tulips
Unlimited Care has been serving our community since 1998 and we currently offer Eight Cottages to choose from. Each Cottage serves only seven guests with two live-in care partners (the highest ratio of care to guests). In addition, we have a clinical team that oversees the wellness and care needs of all of our guests.
We provide an intimate, humane and dignified cottage setting that allows our guests to have the needs met in a home setting. Each Cottage has three private rooms and two companion rooms. Some  families have commented that you are more like a bed and breakfast than a retirement community.
Our goal is to allow you…to focus and enjoy the relationship with your family or friend and let Unlimited Care…Assisted Living Cottage serve the care needs. With our two RN’s and one LVN we coordinate all aspects of the care requirements: Physician/NP and PA visits, Home Health Services, Medical Equipment, Mobile X Ray, Pharmacy delivery, Hair Care, Podiatrist, and Hospice Services.
We also provide activities such as music therapy and pet therapy… along with a long list of other fun things to do. Please look over our “We Believe Statements” and visit our web site then call so we can arrange a visit to one of the Cottages.
Look forward to hearing from you.