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Must-Have Technology for Seniors

Exploring the Amazing Benefits of Connectivity for the Older Generation

Seniors and technology. You may still have to remind grandpa that you don’t have to log in to AOL to connect to the internet. As tedious as it may seem, make sure you don’t ignore any opportunity to help him become more tech-savvy. You may not place much importance on keeping him “in the loop” and updated on the newest tech. But understanding technology can make a huge impact on his emotional and mental well-being. It also offers a facet of physical protection you may have never considered.

Technology for Seniors

Though they didn’t grow up with the vast amount of technology available today, many older adults are plugging in. Check out this list of must-have technology for seniors that you and your loved ones can explore.

Tablets and Smartphones

Loaded with the right apps, tablets provide a variety of benefits. Among them are brain stimulation, entertainment, music, a photo gallery, reading material, and education. They are lightweight, easy to use, and beneficial to senior living. Smartphones are essential to remaining connected to family members and friends. Newer models are becoming more and more senior friendly, and also usable for reminders and safety applications.


Social interaction is key to senior well-being. With families living further and further apart, video-conferencing software like Skype is essential. Seniors can stay connected to family members and see and talk to them anytime from anywhere with a wifi connection. They can use a smartphone or a tablet.

Video Games

Whether using a computer, console, tablet, or smartphone, it doesn’t matter. Video games are beneficial to senior living. They keep the mind active and improve cognition. Consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and games such as Wii Fit also even help with physical health for seniors. In addition, video games provide another source of social interaction.

Home Monitoring Over Wifi

For seniors who live alone, wireless home monitoring is literally life-saving. This is true whether living at home or in an assisted living facility. They can be used to detect anything out of the ordinary such as falls or strange behavior. They can report emergencies and even track vitals, bringing help when they need it most.

Assistive Technology

Seniors suffering from mild impairments, whether motor or cognitive, can benefit from assistive devices. Hearing aids are smaller and better quality than ever imagined for generations past. Technology is making living easier and safer for seniors who live alone. From GPS, devices that dispense medication, phone-dialers, kitchen safety devices, and more.

Security and Technology for Seniors

Online hackers and scammers are becoming ever-more sophisticated in systems and methods. They prey upon the easiest targets and weakest networks. They target seniors because they have the least general online savvy and more potential money. To keep them safe online, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Strong Passwords – Make sure all their accounts are protected with strong and unique passwords. Longer passwords composed of unrelated words are best. Using upper and lowercase letters and symbols also helps.
  2. Latest Versions – Keep all browsers, software, and security programs up to date with the latest versions. Most of these have auto-update features you can activate. Keeping them updated ensures known security issues are always fixed and no holes are left open for the greedy, prying eyes of hackers.
  3. Social media – Help your senior loved ones make sure whatever social media platform they use is set on the highest privacy settings. Teach them how to use social media safely and keep it secure.
  4. Email – Teach them not to respond to any email from an unknown source. Remind them no legitimate financial institution will ever ask for private information via email or text. Offer to review emails they are uncertain about.
  5. Social and dating sites – Seniors become lonely and some are prone to join social and/or dating sites. Unfortunately, these sites are prime targets for people looking to prey upon seniors. Help them understand the dangers and take necessary precautions.

Improving the Lives of Seniors

Technology is always improving and enhancing the way we do everything. It can be especially beneficial in the lives of seniors. Get started with this guide to technology for seniors to improve the lives of your senior loved ones. At Unlimited Care Cottages, we explore every option to improve the lives of our senior guests. Contact Us for more information on technology for seniors or for a tour of one of our assisted living or memory care cottages.