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New, Faster Dementia-Testing Tool

If you’ve ever had to have a loved one tested for dementia, you know the process can be long and difficult, making what is already a stressful time even more frustrating and taxing. However, a new tool has recently emerged that could not only take the testing time down from hours to minutes, it could also be used with nearly anyone as the test administrator, rather than a highly specialized doctor.

The new tool is called a “Quick Demenhome caregivertia Rating System” and it can determine whether or not a person has dementia, but can also tell the stage to which that dementia has progressed, ranging from very mild to severe. The test simply involves a short questionnaire that could easily fit on one page which evaluates habits and memory function.

Not only is this test easy to use, it is accurate. When evaluated by a top neuroscientist, it was deemed to be of equal accuracy to the usual “gold standard” tests which take hours.

Making dementia easy to diagnose will help ensure that your loved ones get the proper care in time. And if you decide you need a little extra help with assisted living/’, we can help you find the care that is right for you.