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Visiting Elderly Family During the Holidays

Visiting Elderly Family During the Holidays, Unlimited Care CottagesWe know that the holidays are a bustling, busy time of year with a gazillion things to do – from holiday markets, to family events, holiday shopping and more! But we must not forget about loved ones that are near and dear to our hearts – our elderly family members.

Visiting elderly family during the holidays may not be the most pressing to-do on your list. Often tucked away in assisted living facilities, but never forgotten, these relatives do remain on our hearts with visiting them at the forefront of our every good intention. It can be easy to get bogged down with the overwhelm of trying to fit in a visit with the endless events on your calendar. But a good, quality visit with grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, might be just what you need to quiet the storm raging in your soul as you take a few moments to cherish the time you have together!  And it can be quite special for them too.

Tips for Visiting Elderly Family During the Holidays

Once you have penciled in a visit with your elderly family during the holiday season, you will want to make sure you take time to plan out the details of your visit. True, simply showing up and spending time with them is a great start! But you can make the visit even more special by incorporating some of the following tips:

Remember their Holiday Traditions

No matter the generation, the holidays are a time rich with family traditions. Your traditions today may be different than those who came before you or you may have carried traditions down from generation to generation for decades. Put some thought into what has always made the holiday season so special for your elderly loved ones and bring these traditions to life for them where they are now.

Watch out for their Mood

Depression is common among the elderly during the holidays. As you visit your family member, watch for signs of sadness, take some time to listen to them talk, and let their caregiver know if you notice any alarming signs that might require medical intervention.  When you visit, plan something small that can lighten and lift their mood, such as going to look at Christmas lights or doing an activity they love.

Brighten up their Living Environment

Whether your elderly relative is still living at home or has moved into an assisted living facility, you can help bring holiday cheer by adding some holiday decor. Check with the assisted living facility before you begin for any guidelines regarding wall decor and more. The smallest touch of flair can add so much to the place they call home.

Bring in Photos and other Special Memorabilia

Visiting elderly family during the holidays may not be feasible for everyone in the family, but you can bring family to them! Your loved one will cherish the memories that photos represent and have fun reflecting on the special times in their lives associated with certain items.

Learn More

Visiting elderly family during the holidays can be a very special time for all involved. It doesn’t take much to brighten up their day and you will be surprised at just how much you get out of visiting them yourself! Contact us for more fun ways to celebrate your elderly loved ones during the holidays.