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Top Ways to Stay Connected With Loved Ones in Assisted Living

We all have busy lives, but if you’ve recently moved your loved one into an assisted living home, or memory care cottage, it is even more important to stay connected to them. They need you in their life, especially after their big move and life change.

Staying Connected to Your Loved Ones

In nursing homes of the past, it was often unpleasant or difficult to visit your loved one. In many modern assisted living homes or cottages, visits are encouraged and enjoyed by all. Regardless of the distance between your loved one, or your hectic schedule, there are plenty of ways to stay connected to your loved one. Share on X Here are the top ways you can stay in contact with your loved one in senior care.

Perfect Pictures

If you live too far to visit often, photographs are the perfect way to keep you on your loved one’s mind. Place pictures around your loved one’s new room. There are so many photo printing options and you can easily turn your family portraits into a calendar, canvas, shirt, or even a mug. Grandparents love to see their grandkids, so get creative with placing perfect pictures around your loved one’s space.

Family Chat Times

Setting up a weekly family chat time is the perfect way to stay connected to your loved one. Family members can call with video chat, or if your loved one isn’t that savvy, an old-fashioned phone call will suffice! Make sure to call and catch up regularly and plan a group chat if possible.

Kids Crafty Gifts

You loved ones will surely love to get a crafty gift from their adoring grandchildren! Kids are always doing cool craft projects at school, so why not send it to your loved one to let them know you are thinking of them? Not only will it brighten their day, it will also brighten their room with their new art to exhibit.

Care Packages

Who doesn’t like to get a surprise package in the mail? Send a care package to show your loved one you have them on your mind. Make sure to send their favorite baked goodies, games for them to pass the time, books, hand lotion, or anything else they might enjoy.

Visit Regularly

If you live near enough, make a point to stop by regularly and visit. Make a new tradition and have the whole family stop by to play games, enjoy a meal together, or just spend some time catching up. Bringing old family friends, or grandchildren will certainly brighten your loved one’s day and make them feel cared about.

Old Fashioned Letter

Not all seniors are computer savvy, so send an old-fashioned letter for them to read! Staying in touch can be difficult if you live far away, but you can stay connected with a short letter to let them know you are thinking about them.

Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

Staying connected with your loved one receiving senior care services is important for their wellbeing. It helps combat depression and loneliness to know you are thinking of them. Be sure to stay connected, whether through visits, sending care packages, or chatting over the phone.

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