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What families are saying about ‘Unlimited Care Assisted Living Cottages’?

I just wanted to thank you and your team for taking care of my mother in law, Kathy. We were a bit lost after she had her stroke and you were a huge help guiding us through the initial process and getting her settled in. More importantly, your staff genuinely cares for their clients and it shows in the way they take care of them. The most difficult thing about choosing a long term care facility for a loved one is knowing what kind of care they get when nobody is watching. I know you guys took care of her like a family member the entire time she was with you and you made her last few months as pleasant as possible. We can’t thank you enough.

– Shannon, Family Member

Dear Buck and Terri, First let me apologize for taking so long to write this note. We will be forever grateful for the way you cared for Mom during her last ten months of life. Mom truly came to love all the caregivers at Unlimited Care Cottages and we both think of you wonderful people as family. We sing your praises every chance we get and we still stop by on a regular basis just to say high to Mercy, Grace, Shannon and Sonia. As you know, we were really concerned before we moved Mom into an assisted living facility because of all the horror stories we had heard. How lucky we were to find your compassionate home. You are truly special people.

Dennis, Family Member


Dear Buck and Terri,

Your loving support and care given to our mother the lastfew weeks of her life means a great deal to our family. Thank you for sending a beautiful ivy in my mom’s honor.
– Lorene Draughton’s family

I know for a fact that while Dad was living at Cooper House, he was the happiest he’s been in the 6 years he’s been living in Houston. He got to know everyone in the house, he bonded with Jodi & Bob, and the care-givers bonded real well with him. When I showed up on Wednesday, the whole house was kind of sullen. I went in and somehow got him to rally out of his condition. He was up, eating and drinking and even talking and giving hugs. The two care-givers (Hamita & Jacinta) both were lined up wanting to talk to him and do something (anything) for him. Hamita made him his favorite – a bowl of oatmeal.

I can’t tell you how much I value our brief relationship with you guys. It’s kind of strange how I learned of you and I just knew that bringing Dad to you was the right thing to do. It all happened so fast that even I surprised myself. Dad’s condition changed equally as fast. His improvement was absolutely remarkable. On Sunday, Fathers Day, Don and his wife, myself and my oldest son came to visit with Dad. He was up and walking around, he ate like a horse and we had so much fun with him. He was asking me if he could borrow some money so he could take a cab back to the Garden Terrace. He wanted to see a certain nurse who he was romantically interested in. We were teasing him asking him how he was going to support this gal and what was he going to do if she wanted to have babies. Jodi was laughing so hard he could barely breath. Even Dad found it all to be quite humorous.

I also wanted to pass on a good comment. One of the 24 hour hospice nurses who was watching Dad commented to me that he’s been in a lot of homes in the many years he’s been working as a nurse. He said that Cooper House was one of the finest he’s been in and he wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to put one of his loved ones in the house. You guys run a good ship. I will certainly recommend you at every chance I get.

– Tom

Buck & Terri-
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful pink & white flowers and letter from “my mom.” Because I was at work when the bouquet was delivered, the florist gave them to my neighbor and left a note for me. When I went to pick them up that evening, I told my neighbor about my mom’s passing and gave her a brief summary of the previous couple of months, including her stay with you. I told her what a fabulous couple you are and what a wonderful personal care option you offer with your cottages. She told me she has a friend who will probably be in need of somewhere to recuperate following a surgery and I told her you would probably be able to accommodate her. When I got home and opened the envelope and learned the flowers were from you, I got chills because I had just been singing your praises, not realizing I was holding your flowers at that same time! I sent my neighbor a link to your website to send on to her friend.

When we opened the letter from “my mom” last night, I read it aloud to my husband, Allie and Caley and we all had a good cry. That is such a beautiful message and came at just the right time. I am going to send a copy to my sisters and brother.

Most importantly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me during both my mom’s and my families’ time of greatest need. You are the most caring people I have ever met and I will be forever grateful for your loving support and spiritual uplifting. You are beautiful people — inside and out —and I believe your mission is making an imprint on more lives than you could even imagine.

I will stay in touch and continue to spread the good word about Unlimited Care.
– Fondly, Cindy

Terri & Buck,

As we go through this life we meet people and go places that we know and understand as God’s work. I feel that our meeting was not chance at all. I wanted to say and express my Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation I have for the care you and your staff gave Mr. Robert Jenkins. I do not believe, for a second, he could have had any better care anywhere in the USA. You and Unlimited Care was a best effort for him during this time. Again, Many Thanks from the bottom of my heart and let me know if I can help you in the future.

– Thanks and Best Regards, Mitch Romine

thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers…we so appreciate the care our dad was given during his stay at Mimi’s Cottage. We are especially grateful for the care partners and the special bond my dad shared with them. God Bless each of you and the service you provide.

thank you for the amazing care that you gave our father during his time in your cottage. you all will forever be considered as “Angels on Earth” because of your kindness, patience and love. While our dad was sick you gave us both peace of mind that he was always in qualified and attentive hands. you truly exceeded our expectations.

We are coming home this morning.!!!! She is more than ready!! The fact that Mother says she is ready to go home is a really huge compliment for all of you.

Speaking of compliments, You should know that Deb, Sonja, Mary, & Allison made mother feel so good and happy with all of their calls checking on her. Your emails, meant the world to her also. Keep those ladies happy, they are your best reference. Maybe we can work on cloning them for you.

Now compliments to you and Buck, We have been asked several times every day, where she lives. When we answer Budde 4, Unlimited Care, we have been met with compliment after compliment. They always answered we have nothing but good reports on them. When asked where she lived before and we answered The Terrace, we received nothing in response but well you are in the right place now. You should be extremely happy and proud of you two have accomplished. Will see you later this morning. We just can’t wait to get home.

Thanks for everything!!

Dear Terri and Buck,

Thank you for the beautiful cross you sent in memory of JoAnn Lanier. We also appreciate the love and care she received from your staff especially Mary and Agnes. They sincerely cared about JoAnn and it brought us a great peace in leaving her in their care. We would also like to thank you for the refund. It was very kind and generous of you to send it.

Glenn Lanier and Family

Unlimited Care Cottages,

Thank you to our family at Unlimited Care Cottages. Dad could not have been in a more loving home. Thank you for loving and caring for dad (E.J.) as a family member.

Blessings & Grace,
The Hopkins Family

Unlimited Care Cottages,

“The Cottage continues to look and feel amazing. I love what y’all have done with the place!
We are so lucky that mom is where she is! Thank you Terri.”

Terry and Buck, our family can never thank you enough for the love and care you gave to my mama, Bennie Thormalen. Your home was such a blessing for her and for us. God bless you in the future as you are led to care for others in His name.
– Doyle and Pat Horne

Many thanks! I have been telling neighbors what a wonderful experience we had working with your staff. In fact, the woman in Cottage 1 that sits nearest to the front door lived 2 streets over from me here.