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Memory Care
in Spring, TX

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Preserving Dignity at The Cooper Cottage

In response to a growing need for memory care, Unlimited Care Cottages has opened our first Certified Alzheimer’s Cottage. Located in the Woodlands/Spring area, this small memory care cottage offers a secure environment for those dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s. Residents are able to enjoy life in a calm, peaceful setting where both the physical environment and all activities are geared towards individuals who have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Residents at the Cooper Cottage benefit from personalized care in a small, intimate setting. Caregivers take special care to preserve their dignity and allow them to move as freely as they can while still remaining safe and secure. A gated courtyard allows residents to gather outdoors in their community without the risk of wandering away. The cottage is maintained as a soothing environment that will nurture and calm those with dementia.

unlimited care cottages

We Believe

  • Our care setting and concept for care at the Cooper Cottage most resembles a home setting and therefore provides surroundings that ensure comfort and peace.
  • That the live-in model of care with those guests with Alzheimer’s and other memory-related diagnoses gives our residents the continuity and consistency they need to age in place – we are like family to our guests. When you live onsite with our residents you can not help but know them intimately and learn their personality and preferences. Therefore we can meet them where they are with their memory loss and join them on their journey
  • With two live in Care Partners to only seven guests, we have one of the highest ratios of Care Partners to guests. This allows us to spend time and engage our guests with memory challenges. We are there to redirect and help our guests fill in the gaps.
  • Music and Pet Therapy in addition to other volunteer services enrich the lives of those we serve as well as the families of those in our care.
  • Our care setting provides memory care in the dignified, intimate and humane way… with respectfulness, kindness, empathy and tenderness.
  • We decorate and furnish rooms with the keepsakes and belongings that are most familiar to our guests.
  • Family style dining is a great time to be with those they know and help foster socialization and the need for interaction.
  • Everyone has a story and everyone has a past. We find the more we know about a guest’s history the better we are able to provide care in their current state.
  • It’s not our job to correct or set the record straight. We join them and go along with them when things come up which provide comfort and understanding.
  • Our ongoing training ensures that we continue to be up to date on deescalation and redirecting when needed.
  • Clinical oversight and medication adjustments are available to help manage certain behaviors. Since there is no cure, we assist our guests under the care of a geriatric physician to add or take away medications for the best quality of life.
  • It’s our goal to provide care in a way that allows our guests to maximize their quality of life… helping manage the changes with memory.
  • We believe that by bringing the care into the cottage, it minimizes the confusion and disruption with the day to day schedule vs. taking them out to unfamiliar surroundings.
  • When the weather allows… we encourage outside activities or just enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.


If you want to learn more about our memory care cottage or have general questions about assisted living, please contact us at (713) 419-2609, or you can also send us an email.