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Choosing Memory Care: What Not to Do

Choosing a memory care facility is something you should handle with a lot of keenness, especially if your loved ones need special care. It is vital to find an assisted living facility whose services and requirements align best with the needs of the person receiving the care services. Discover how to choose the right memory care for your loved ones.

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Finding a Worthwhile Senior Living Community

Cognitive impairments like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss are usually progressive. They can worsen over time, calling for long-term memory care. You should look for a senior living community with staff members specialized to handle such conditions. Here are the mistakes to avoid during the search. 

  1. Not choosing a home with well-trained staff
  2. Not researching the community online
  3. Skipping the tour
  4. Focusing too much on location
  5. Failing to consider senior social programs

1) Not Choosing a Home with Well-Trained Staff

Taking care of older adults with dementia or other cognitive impairments requires staff members with specialized training. They should know how to communicate with people whose verbal skills are impaired. For instance, they should know the signs that seniors may not be feeling well. Ask the facility about their staff members’ training.

2) Not Researching the Community Online

With many senior living communities available, you need to narrow down your options by performing quick research online. Look for necessary information like availability and pricing before visiting the facility in person. You can check for reviews online and select a facility with multiple positive reviews.

3) Skipping the Tour

Failing to tour a senior living community before registering your loved ones is a grievous mistake you should never make. Visit the assisted living facility physically to have a glimpse of what they offer. If possible, conduct a virtual tour to experience what the community offers, including their programs.

4) Focusing Too Much on Location

While it’s essential to consider location when searching for a memory care facility for your loved ones, it shouldn’t be the only priority. It would help if you also considered other factors like the quality of care, security, and the care plan. Check if they offer senior-friendly exercise activities and meals fit for your senior adult.

5) Failing to Consider Senior Social Programs

What programs does a memory care facility offer to the seniors? That’s an important question to ask yourself before enrolling your loved ones in any facility. Ensure that the programs they offer can nurture the seniors’ minds, bodies, and spirit. Inquire how the memory care facility helps families connect with their loved ones.

Keep These Factors in Mind

With these tips and ideas, choosing a memory care facility for your senior loved ones should no longer be a trouble. All you need to do is select a community with programs that fit your older adults’ specific needs. You should also consider if the senior living facility staff members are well-trained to offer special memory care to the residents.

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