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5 Amazing Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Pets bring many people joy and companionship. They can lighten your mood and make you feel loved. They can also make you laugh. Take a look at the popularity of cat and dog videos on social media. There’s just something about pets. As it turns out, pets can also be extremely beneficial to senior health and well-being.

Pet Therapy for Seniors

As life begins to slow down, it can be confusing and difficult for your senior loved ones. Muscle control and mental faculties begin to diminish and many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression. The good news is having a pet could help your senior loved one in many ways. Consider the following 5 benefits of pet therapy for seniors:  

The calming effect

Stress is problematic for seniors, especially those with declining mental health or in memory care. It increases anxiety and can decrease general health with time. The presence of a loving animal to hold, pet, and care for helps relieve stress. It’s instrumental to the release of serotonin, a calming chemical, in the brain. This calming effect many experience when cuddling with a furry friend is invaluable to seniors.

Improves health

Bonding with an animal over time is proven to benefit the body in several ways. It may lower your cholesterol and blood pressure as well as decrease your odds of heart disease and stroke. Keeping your senior loved ones as healthy as possible gives them the best chance for the highest possible quality of life.

Builds confidence

Having the responsibility of taking care of a pet gives your senior loved one purpose and a sense of accomplishment. They may have been used to taking care of many responsibilities prior to retirement, so having none is hard. Having a pet gives them the chance to do something meaningful and enjoy the fulfillment. They feel loved and needed.

Encourages socialization

Some seniors become withdrawn to themselves and uncommunicative. Having a pet often brings them out of their shell. It gives them self-assurance to participate in social functions. The joy it brings them often opens them up to other people.

Antidote for loneliness

Many, many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression. They need relationships with other people. They need to not be alone. The companionship of a pet often helps combat loneliness and fulfills some of this need for relationship. They can interact with a pet and the pet will express love to them in return.

Give the Gift of a Furry Friend

When life slows down, it can be difficult to cope with all the changes. Many seniors struggle with diminishing physical and mental health, loneliness, and other factors. Pet therapy for seniors provides many benefits that improve your senior loved one’s quality of life. Consider giving your senior loved one the gift of a furry friend today.

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