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Moving a Loved One into Assisted Living During COVID-19

Moving into assisted living during COVID-19 presents a unique challenge, especially since the senior population is more vulnerable to the virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults are at high risk of contracting Covid-19. There’s a need for extra precautions when handling them.

The good news is that many assisted living facilities have established safety protocols to facilitate the transition. At Unlimited Care Cottages, we have a set of guidelines to protect seniors from contracting the coronavirus when moving into our facilities. Here’s what you need to know before helping your senior loved ones move.

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How We’re Keeping Our Residents Healthy

At Unlimited Care Cottages, we strictly follow the CDC’s recommendations to keep all our residents healthy and safe from Covid-19. Visitations are allowed with proper hygiene and social distancing habits observed. Each team member goes above and beyond to ensure they don’t accidentally bring the virus in to work. We do everything possible to promote your loved ones’ health and wellbeing. 

Learn the Community & Local Government Guidelines

The coronavirus pandemic has caused rapid changes in laws in some states and counties. Check your local government’s website for guidelines on COVID-19. At UCC, we observe the following guidelines:

  • You must schedule a visit at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Visitation areas must be sanitized between visits.
  • Physical contact between visitors, residents, and staff are not allowed, except for essential caregivers and end-of-life visits.
  • Visitors and residents must maintain social distancing by staying six feet apart.
  • All visitors must wash and sanitize their hands before and after visits.
  • Everyone must put on a mask covering their nose and mouth all the time.
  • All visitors must follow the screening criteria put in place.

For a more detailed look at recommended guidelines, check out this guide

Provide a Smooth Transition

After moving in, new residents spend two weeks by themselves to ensure they aren’t sick. We use this time to learn more about them and help them settle in. During the two weeks, your loved ones will enjoy personalized in-room services to keep them happy and healthy. We encourage family members to stay in contact during this time to help their senior loved ones transition to their new living environment.

Making the Transition Safely

Moving into assisted living during COVID-19 shouldn’t be stressful. Our cottages remain the best choice for many seniors, especially those with chronic illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Moving older adults to our assisted living facilities is an excellent way to keep them safe from coronavirus.

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